Lot 276. Swing &  Ladderback Chair

Lot 277. Grinder & Toolboxes

Lot 278. Lights, Reddy Heater, 50 lb. 80 Nails, Cooler, Boomer

Lot 279. Sump Pump, Electrical Cord, Stand Lights, Electric Wire

Lot 280. Wheelbarrow, Hand Cultivator, Used Tires

Lot 281. Wheelbarrow, Trash Can, Ladder 

Lot 282. Bicycle, 2 Chairs, Dollies

Lot 283. 2 Milk Jugs

Lot 284. Scaffolding & Walk Boards

Lot 285. Gas Jugs, Metal Brackets, Saw Blades, Meat Grinder, Misc. 

Lot 286. Electric Wire, Nails, Hammer, Concrete Tools, Rope, Chain, Misc. Tools

Lot 287. Pipe Wrench, Nails, Hammer, Concrete Tools, Rope, Chainm Misc. Tools & Parts

Lot 288. Electrical & Plumbing Supplies, Concrete Finishing Tools, Hammer, Chalk Line Marker, Misc. Tools

Lot 289. Hilti Gun & Bits

Lot 290. Transit Stands, Tool Boxes, Water Coolers

Lot 291. Rack with Plastic Pipe, Aluminum Metal, Steel, and Rolls of Pipe

Lot 292. Rolls of Chain Link Fence & Chain Link Gates

Lot 293. Used Pieces of Wood - 4x4’s, 2x6’s, Plywood 

Lot 294. Scrap Metal Pieces 

Lot 295. Plastic Barrels & Buckets

Lot 296. Bed Frames, Old Windows, Porch Railings

Lot 297. 3 Zippo Lighters, Cufflinks, Collar Tips

Lot 298. Arrowheads, Replica Arrowheads, Damaged Arrowheads

Lot 299. Mirror, Costume Jewelry, Rings, Broach Pins

Lot 300. Marbles